Our staff

Martyn Sullivan

Martyn is the senior pastor of St Luke's Church. Known for his work in the community, Martyn has setup the Community Care Network, St Luke's Nursery, South Kirkby and The Shed Youth Club, South Elmsall. Martyn has also worked in a variety of different community groups aimed at helping local people.

Mrs Sue Sullivan

Sue is a former staff nurse who specialised in working with the elderly for over 30 years. Sue has a great deal of experience in working with different agencies and has experience in following and developing care plans as well as understanding and seeking to meet the needs of elderly people.

Jill McMahon

Jill formely worked in the civil service and has over 25yrs experience working with local people. She has helped support and administer a number of voluntary groups and is currently the Financial Director of St Luke's. Jill also has experience in bereavement counselling.

Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor has lived in South Elmsall for the last four years since her husband died. During her 40 years admin experience she has set up and run telephone centres; in particular a prayer network in Brittany, France which helped isolated ex-pats.

Mrs Sue Brown

Mrs Sue Brown has worked as a Catering Manager for over 40 years. She is experienced in managing staff and delivering services to a high standard. Sue has also been responsible for managing and overseeing a community centre where she worked with a variety of different groups.

Mr Charles Mathers

Charlie is a former miner and lorry driver. For the last 5 years he has worked as a volunteer at St Luke's Church helping out in many different ways. He can often be found helping different people in the local community, fetching and carrying when he can as well as collecting people from hospital when needed.

Mrs Linda Mathers

Linda is a lady of many different talents, from dress making to gardening to doing Christmas demonstrations, whichever it is she's quite happy. Linda has been involved with a few different voluntary groups over the years. As well as working with the Community Care Trust she is also a museum secretary.

Sam Kromstain

Sam is a local volunteer who since his retirement simply wanted to give something back. Sam is happy answering telephones or mixing cement, just as long as he is involved helping someone.